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Get the Best Deal with Dog Grooming Packages in Grande Prairie

Our carefully selected special packages make pampering your pup more affordable than ever. Stop by 4 Paws Dog Grooming in Grande Prairie to find the grooming services that are best for you and your dog!

Polished Pug Package

This package is for all short-haired breeds and helps with shedding.

  • Pre-bath undercoat scrub with conditioner
  • Bath with follicle stimulation
  • Anal gland expression (small dogs)
  • Velocity coat blast
  • Post-bath scrub
  • Coat buff and conditioner
  • Finish with coat mist, ear cleaning and toenail trim

Pawdicure Package

Taking proper care of his or her paws and nails will make your pooch happier, healthier and safer. With this package, we offer:

  • Nail trimming (no appointment needed)
  • Shave out between pads
  • Clip between the toes and around feet

Call 4 Paws Dog Grooming to schedule an appointment.

Other Services

In addition to full grooming, we also provide:

  • Walk-in nail trims
  • Nail grinding
  • Between grooming sanitary shaves
  • Between-grooming face trimming, so your pet can see
  • Bathing
  • Brush outs

Difficulty Charge

Please note that we may charge an extra fee for dogs that are overly aggressive or difficult to groom. We'd appreciate if you took the time to calm your doggie dog before a grooming session.

Please Note

The grooming price will depend on the breed of dog. Please call for more information.

Please have your dog leashed or kenneled when you come by.

Get Directions - Early drop-off and pick-up can be arranged
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