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Grande Prairie-Based Dog Groomer

If you're not sure how to provide the best possible care to your fur baby, don't hesitate to contact us at 4 Paws Dog Grooming. We'll be happy to offer our Grande Prairie customers advice on how to make the grooming process efficient and less stressful both for your pet and yourself.

Introductory Grooming

We encourage owners to book an introductory groom especially with young or very timid dogs where the dog will be introduced to our tools and given a quick positive grooming experience to build trust and confidence in dog.

Checking for Fleas

Please ensure you are checking your pets for fleas, ticks & lice before each groom. It will save your poor pooch from stress and guilt, and it will make our grooming studio safer and friendlier for all our customers.

Calming Your Doggie before an Appointment

Although we strive to groom our four-legged customers in a relaxing atmosphere, some dogs display the signs of stress or anxiety throughout the visit. You can try some simple remedies to calm your pooch down before a grooming appointment by:

  • Providing treats and lots of petting
  • Slowly brushing your dog's hair
  • Rewarding and reinforcing good behaviour

If you have any questions about our grooming methods or the products we use, please call or email our Grande Prairie grooming salon.

Get Directions - Early drop-off and pick-up can be arranged
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